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Castle Bromwich


The Castle Bromwich site is no stranger to iconic British vehicles ahead of their time. The factory was built to manufacture one of the most innovative and deadly fighter planes of World War Two: The Spitfire. Experience history, where nearly 12,000 Spitfires were built alongside over 300 mighty Lancaster bombers.

Today, as Jaguar's state-of-the-art production facility, you'll find Castle Bromwich a place of awe-inspiring craftsmanship; where hundreds of hi-tech robots operate in perfect synchronisation alongside thousands of highly skilled workers. Ground breaking twenty-first century technology is being used to make some of the most technologically advanced cars in the world.

Jaguar F-TYPE Drive Experience

Want to know what it's like to let a Jaguar off the leash? Feel the excitement and thrill of driving the latest models around our Warwickshire test track.

Price per person from: £135

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Jaguar F-TYPE Experience at Castle Bromwich

Manufacturing Tour
Castle Bromwich

Led by our expert hosts, you will experience the pioneering craftsmanship and logistics that go into building Jaguar's luxury vehicles.

You will see first hand how our robot army rivets and bonds in perfect sync, how each vehicle goes from primer to base colour to lacquer, and just how those beautiful rear haunches take shape.

Explore exactly how Jaguars are move from mere metal to refined luxury.

More agile and more alive.

Price per adult: £49
Price per child: £39

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Manufacturing Tour Castle Bromwich

Performance Drive Experience - F-TYPE, XE, XJR

Discover the effortless performance, agility and dynamic response of Jaguar F-TYPE. Realise the confidence that Jaguar XE Adaptive Dynamic Technologies deliver. Experience stability, refinement and poise of the Jaguar XJR at autobahn-devouring speeds.

Price per person: £595

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Jaguar Performance Track at Castle Bromwich

Performance Tour & Drive Experience

Jaguar Experience manufacturing tour and track day’s follow the journey of our iconic vehicles from raw aluminium through to final assembly and then provide our guests with the opportunity to take one on track to experience for themselves how Alive a Jaguar really is. Refreshments and lunch are included.

Price per driver: £495

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  • Jaguar Tour & Track Experience 2
  • Jaguar Tour & Track Experience 3
Manufacturing Tour & Track Experience - Castle Bromwich

Performance Comparison Drive Experience - F-TYPE and XE

You'll drive both the F-TYPE and XE on the same course, exploring the benefits of electronic steering and Dynamic mode. As you build up speed you'll learn about the best cornering techniques and how to make smooth, rapid progress through controlled inputs.

Prices per person from: £275

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Jaguar Performance Comparison at Castle Bromwich

Jaguar Classic E-type & F-TYPE Experience

Drive two distinctive Jaguars from across the decades, the 60s icon, the E-type, and the car it inspired, the F-TYPE. The Classic E-type and F-TYPE experience brings together the ultimate sixties icon with its spiritual successor.

Price per person: £295

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Jaguar Classic E-type & F-TYPE Experience

From Spitfires to Sports Cars
Castle Bromwich

The Jaguar Spitfires to Sports Cars Tour provides a unique insight into the operation of Castle Bromwich during the '40s and over three fascinating hours, you will learn the secrets of car and airplane manufacturing, visiting many areas of the factory that are being opened to the public for the first time.

Price per person: £49

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From Spitfires to Sports Cars

Jaguar Classic Tour & Track Experience

The Jaguar Classic Tour & Track Experience includes a 2.5 hour detailed tour of our Classic Works facility, an opportunity to drive our classic cars on the open road, Best of British lunch and 2 hours putting our collection of XK150s, Mark IIs, V12 XJCs and E-types through their paces on our private proving ground.

Price per person: £650

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  • Jaguar Heritage Experience 1
Jaguar Classic Tour & Track Experience - Castle Bromwich

Jaguar Classic Sports Car Experience - XK150 and E-type

Join us at our proving ground for an unforgettable driving experience in the XK150 and Jaguar's most famous style icon of all time -the E-type.

The Classic Sports Car Experience brings together two pioneering machines from the 1950's and 60's. The XK150 was among the fastest production cars of its day and the first road car ever to be fitted with disc brakes.

Price per person: £250

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Jaguar Classic Sports Car Experience - XK150 and E-type

Jaguar Classic Le Mans Experience - C-type and XK140

The Le Mans Experience is your chance to experience the C-type and XK140, Jaguar's first sports cars that earned their motorsport credentials in the famous Le Mans 24-hr race.

Launched in 1954, the XK140 further developed the XK120 production car, adding more space and rear seats, whilst retaining the superb 3.4 litre straight six engine, developing 250PS with a top speed of 129 mph.

Price per person: £295

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Le Mans Experience - XK120 and C-type

Jaguar Experience - Castle Bromwich

Jaguar Visitor Centre,
Gate 1,
Chester Road,
Castle Vale,
Birmingham, B35 7RA

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